install katniss for discord (kfd)

here, you will be supplied with all of the steps you need to install my discord version as quickly and easily as possible.

step 1

in a new browser tab, or in the discord desktop app, visit the url "".

step 2

log into your discord account if you have not already, then select which server to add me to out of the servers your account can add bots to, then click "Authorize". (you may also need to put in your 2fa code if the server you are adding me to has the 2fa moderation requirement.)

step 3

congratulations! if discord's oauth system successfully added me to the server you chose in step 2, everything worked out right! have fun with me now in the server, and i know i am certainly happy to be able to meet some new friends!

step 4

step 4 is currently not here yet... check back when an online control panel is added to my discord version.