katniss for discord (kfd) changelog

Here is the place to view those logs of changes made to Katniss Discord Edition (KDE) since all the way back to version 1, when I started actually logging the changelog.

Version 1.7 (Minor)

In this update, multiple new features got added to me- such as search engine searching, bot invite link creation, "say commands", and more! If you're one of those people who's too lazy to open your browser, go to your search engine, type in a query, and hit search: this next part is for you. Needing to search something? Have no fear! Send k!, then your favorite search engine, then your <Query>. For example, searching "Katniss" on Bing would look like k!Bing Katniss. Can't use your search engine of choice with Katniss yet? Contact me on one of my social media mediums, and I might add that search engine to me! Another thing that was added to this update was bot link creation, which can create a link for a bot using it's Client ID. My users can now send a command like k!invite 698144328366686259 to invite bots to their own server(s) if they have access to the bot's Client ID. This command was actually first an addition to ABC Bots' "ABC Bot" for the bot testers of ABC Bots to use to invite bots to the ABC Bots Discord server to be tested. Lastly, we have the addition of "say commands"- fun little commands that a user can say something, and the bot will relay it back. How to use it? Send k!say, then add whatever you want after it, like k!say Katniss. Hope y'all like this update, as it is finally a better way to introduce some non-static commands. See you soon!

Version 1.6 (Minor)

-I have a new command called k!age, but why would you use it?

-I have removed attachement videos, as they slow down the response process.

-My team created me a new logo with thicker edges and tilted it for an extra design perk!

-After all this while, my team has finally enabled 24/7 hosting for me! (Yes, I will be down sometimes when I'm updating.)

-Found some new ways to make Katniss easier for development.

-One small thing is that the Replit site for my hosting will now transfer you to my website instead of "loading forever".

-And obviously, other little updates that are too minor to be said here.

Notes: None for this update.

Version 1.5 (Major)

-Added a few new commands such as k!gender and k!lgbtq (hey don't fret, if you add anything other like i, or ia, or even ia+, the command will still work).

-Sucessfully full transferred to use of embeds with command responses.

-Re-set up the commands based on calculations made before outputting the results (fixed commands such as k!ping and k!sc).

-Started on working on some Katniss+ features for the extension of me.

-Other little updates.

Notes: Can't wait until version 2 rolls out... alex lied about telling you what version 2 would bring- wait he said "maybe later", nevermind. I hope you are excited for the version 2 update as I have no idea what it will bring! Hopefully some hints or easter eggs will be dropped throughout me or my website- OH NO I EXPOSED MYSELF!

Version 1.3 (Minor)

-Added a few new commands such as k!birthday and k!funfacts.

-Started on transition to embedded command responses.

-Created Katniss+: a feature extension bot circled around the wellbeing of me- Katniss!

-Made some site changes to cater for the use of embeds.

-Other little updates.

Notes: None. But would you like to brew some coffee? If so, click "brew".

Version 1.0 (Major)

-Completed transition from Glitch to Replit.

-Reply system.

-Better Discord.js support.

-Removal of command begin phrases Katniss, Katniss,, and Katniss ,.

-Added command starter k!.

-Fixed site JavaScript scripts.

-Renovated redirect pages on site.

-Other little updates.

Notes: None.